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Due to the Coronavirus and Gov Abbots mandate...
We ask that ONLY. Buyers and Sellers attend our Exotic sale.
We’re sorry for this inconvenience however for the safety and well being of our clients we must follow these mandates. Mask is required!
Thank each one of you for understanding!!
Our first video consignment sale will be just prior to the beginning of the live wildlife sale!!
Call 936-661-0653 to consign or 936-295-4483




Our next sale is this Friday April 16th
 Consignment list for Video/Picture sale is as follows.
2.0 Kudu Bulls
2.0 Kudu Bulls
1.0 Kudu Bull
1.0 8 month old zebra
Pictures attached.

To better serve our customers we are now offering video and picture consignment sales immediately before our live sales. These animals will not be at the sale, a video or picture will be displayed in their place.  This does not change our regular live animal sale at all, they will continue as normal.  If you would like to consign animals for the video/picture sale please use the form (Click here) and email the consignment and video/picture to no later than the 1st of the month.