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Exotic Animal Sales

Welcome to Huntsville Livestock a trusted name in exotic animal sales . For more than 20 years, we have been a trusted source for buyers and sellers of high quality livestock. From East Texas, Central Texas, we have dealt in the past with cattle, sheep, goat and horses. Now just dealing with alternative livestock sales and auctions, with a wide variety of exotics, including red deer, fallow, Sika, elk, axis, rams, goats, sheep and Indian and African game animals.

Like you we depend quality alternative livestock animals for sale at auction pricing. Customers in North Texas, Central Texas like any other part of Texas, know that Huntsville Livestock operates on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Huntsville Livestock auctions also prides itself on animal care that helps us to get top dollar for our sellers, while meeting the high standards of our discriminating buyers.


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A Wide Variety of Exotics, including Red Deer Fallow, Sika, Elk, Axis, and Indian and African animals.


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If you’ re an adventurer looking to add a specific exotic animal to the ranch or zoo,
keep our alternative exotic animal auctions in mind.

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