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Exotic Animal Sales
Alternative Livestock Sales/ Auctions Held Year round

If you’ re an adventurer looking to add a specific exotic animal to the ranch or zoo,
keep our exotic animal auctions in mind. Huntsville Livestock has been specializing in exotic animal sales for more than 20 years and are well known for the quality and freshness of our exotic animals. myewa.org

Huntsville Livestock offers exotic animals:
• Red Deer
• Fallow
• Sitka
• Elk
• Indian/African game animals including camels, llamas, zebras, mini-horses, donkeys and more

Our 2014 exotic animal auctions take place in:
• Dec 5

Our 2015 exotic animal auctions take place in:
• Jan. 9
• Feb. 20
• Apr. 3
• July. 17
• Aug. 21
• Sept. 18
• Oct. 23
• Dec. 4


To inquire about dates and particular breeds or species, please contact us now (936) 295-4483.


Next Sale Dec. 5,2014

Pre-sale consignment list
1.0 Dama Gazelle Mature
2.2 Arabian Oryx 2 yrs.
3.0 Blackbuck
3.0 Axis
2.0 Fallow
4.10 Blackbuck
20 Ibex crossess All ages and sexes
2.0 Red Deer 4 yrs.
2.0 Oryx 36" plus
1.2 Watusi Mature Black Bull
1.1.1 Alpaca
1.2 Llamas
2.3 Oryx
3.0 Painted Desert
6.0 Fallow yearlings
5.0 Axis yearlings

More calling in each day! Don't miss the last sale of 2014 It will be a good one!

We at HLS wish you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Call your consignments in
for pre-sale marketing!

Hopefully, after being hacked, we have our new email address hlsexotic@gmail.com up and running.

We look forward top seeing you in Dec.

Wishing yall a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Don't eat tooo much !!

$5.00 at window if any left available.

Consignments coming daily !
Call in your consignments for pre-sale marketing !! The Addax, Oryx, and Dama Gazelles have been returned to exempt status by USFW ! This could not have been accomplished without your continued support and generous donations to the EWA's efforts! Thank each one of you that participated in our endeavor !!!

If your not a member of EWA....YOU SHOULD BE The ONLY Association fighting for your personal property rights and the right to own and propagate our wildlife !!!!

Thank You for your continued support!!

936 661 0653
936 295 4483

We have constructed 15 new permanent pens for "hard to handle" males. I'm very proud to say that we have never sold a animal in it's pen...we have been able to bring them all in the ring for you to see.

Huntsville Livestock has suspended all cattle sales....
We are in the process of building inventory for sale at all times...
We have increased our sales to eight this year by request of our customers!!
Thank You for your business and support over the last 20 years !!!
We are and continue to be East Texas' only LIVE animal auction where you can take delivery of your purchases the same day !!!!

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